Ady Cakes is very active in our local communities and we have contributed in many ways since our opening in 2007. Our passion is to help families in our communities who are dealing with tragedies and our furry friends.  As to focus our resources solely on these areas of need, we are donating exclusively to events and organizations that benefit these interests and are not currently doing any other sponsorship or donations. We are NOT able to sponsor sports teams, beauty pageants, grand openings, social groups, mission trips, fundraisers outside of our immediate area or church functions at this time.

We know your cause is very important to you but please note that due to the overwhelming amount of requests we receive, we are not able to contribute to every request.  We are still a very small business and we help as much as we possibly can. Once our budget for donations is reached we have to decline certain requests.

If we are able to help with your event, we will get in touch with you via email with instructions on how to collect our donation. 

​To request a donation, please fill out the form below and include a detailed summary of your event as well as a copy of any flyer or links relative to your fundraiser. Please do NOT drop off any materials at the shop or request donations by phone or in person, we will not be able to give an immediate answer as we take the time to revise all requests and contact people back based on our time and work schedule.

We are more than happy to help as much as we can but we are only accepting donation requests via email.